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You can book a series of scheduled NLP coaching sessions over a specific period of time and travel through a journey of change with Ben Grassby. Unlike psychotherapy, these powerful sessions will be tailored to your needs in terms of the outcomes you desire, and are focused on rapid, powerful and precise change. NLP coaching teaches people to run their own brains so they don’t need others to do it for them!

Sessions can be held in Glastonbury, Somerset, or you are in the Somerset/Bristol area Ben can visit you at your home or another convenient location. Skype sessions are also available.

Coaching and the encouragement personal sessions offer should not be seen as either a luxury or a sign of weakness! In today’s world the edge that personal and professional coaching can give can be vital.

Cost per 2 hour session: £130 plus travel (£20-£40 surcharge to visit your location in Somerset/Bristol area). Please allow for 6 sessions.

Change work

For the removal of habits, fears, phobias, stress reduction and other interventions, only a small number of sessions will be necessary. Sometimes even just a single session is required. NLP is not interested in analysing and exploring the reasons why a “problem” happened: Ben will focus on finding satisfactory outcomes and new ways of living that work for you.

Examples of changes you could choose to make using these sessions include

  • Overcome fears/phobia
  • Clear unwanted habits
  • Increase confidence
  • Increase motivation
  • Improve relationships
  • Performance enhancement
  • Free yourself from procrastination
  • Remove unwanted or self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Succeed in dating and meeting people
  • Raise sporting performance (including removal of nerves, yips etc)
  • Boost creativity and artistic performance
  • Overcome barriers to wealth and happiness
  • Create wellbeing and relaxation
  • Stop smoking.

Cost per 2 hour Session £225 plus travel
Stop smoking session 2 hours or more: £300 plus travel

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Skype Sessions also available