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Be outstanding
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Coaching with Ben Grassby is the key to unlock all these achievements and find the ‘difference that makes the difference’.

Ben Grassby Coaching


Ben Grassby has been coaching people like you for 14 years. He has helped CEOs, athletes, leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, managers, free spirits and many more to gain great results in a great way. 

Ben uses the techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to work with you to condition your mind and attitude for maximum success – to get the edge and create a balanced , exceptional life. NLP focuses on the way our minds (Neuro), and communication (Linguistics) interact to drive our patterns of belief and behaviour, enabling you to improve your performance and change the way you talk to yourself and other people. Ben is a Master Trainer (NLPU) and Master Practitioner of NLP (INLPTA).

Ben also offers training in NLP techniques: click here for more detail.


Saint Gobain, SIG, Network Rail, Police federation, IHG Hotels, Hewlett Packard, University of Bristol




With Ben Grassby by your side you can improve your career, your relationship, your health, your emotional wellbeing and gain clarity in your life. Discover your purpose and enjoy life!

Click here to set up a series of coaching sessions to unleash your true self and gain the results you want. As part of a work-based package or personally funded ongoing regular coaching allows change to be defined, achieved and maintained.

Change work

In order to move forward, sometimes we need to overcome limiting beliefs, setbacks, old habits, fears, phobias and bad relationships. Often a single NLP session will unlock you from your past and prepare you to be coached into the future.

Click here to book an NLP Change Session TODAY and prepare to create a brighter, new future free from the past.


As part of work-based development or on a personal basis these specially tailored sessions are for a whole day, an afternoon or sometimes spanning two consecutive days.

As part of a coaching package or as a breakthrough piece of change work, these incredible sessions allow you to explore fully, deeper and create transformations in many areas of your life. Click here to contact Ben NOW and get the tools you need to really see, hear and feel differently about life.

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