Executive & professional coaching

teamwork-383939_1920Bring Ben into your business or organisation to coach individual staff and teams, and you will:

  • give yourself and your product/service the edge
  • get support through change

… all with each individual’s human experience and mind at the heart of the process.

Breakthrough Days, ongoing professional coaching and other coaching packages are focused on outcomes: unlike psychotherapy, your NLP-based coaching will be a goal-orientated partnership with Ben Grassby, based on empowering you to make transformations. You will enjoy the process of creating ultimate success that reaches into all areas of your working life, and become enabled to be the best you can be.

  • Gain more fulfilment in your role
  • Enjoy making a difference at work
  • Feel more empowered and create results
  • Get the coaching support to plan and overcome challenges
  • Become more confident and innovate change
  • Overcome drift and procrastination
  • Recover from setbacks
  • Release stress and anxiety and enjoy more freedom
  • Communicate and influence effectively
  • Discover how to set direction, overcome barriers and deliver results
  • Share and discuss in confidence your fears – and find solutions that work for you.

Whoever the person is, whatever their role within the organisation, their impact and performance will benefit from confidential, results driven, profound NLP-based coaching. We recommend an initial Executive Breakthrough Session followed by a set series of ongoing one-to-one Executive Coaching Sessions.

Cost: £795 per half day, £1200 per whole day, £295 per ongoing session (plus expenses)

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