Stop smoking

In just one single session you can be free of nicotine addiction and never feel the need to smoke ever again.

Using NLP and hypnosis Ben Grassby (a former 60-a-day smoker) will help you leave smoking behind forever in a way that doesn’t require willpower or substitution.

You will enjoy the 2hr + solution and complete the session free of your smoking habit. You will repattern your mind to enjoy being free of the habit forever.

You can even smoke during the session and at the end you will enjoy the way your mind works with you to create health and happiness instead of the dangerous and antisocial addiction to nicotine that you had.

Ben will travel to you for this session and using his effective, enjoyable and profound method he will unpick the patterns of thought and behaviour that locked you into the old habit and enable you to become free of the need to smoke by the end of the session

Cost: £210 per session plus travel costs

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